Common Fears about Attending an Abortion Recovery Retreat

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July 27, 2023

Weekend retreats are one of the most valuable tools to seek healing from a past abortion. Sometimes, though, it can be easy to fear the unknown – especially when it requires digging up emotions and memories that are not pleasant for you. We know that the unknown can be scary, and those feelings are valid. But we are also here to let you know there is nothing to be afraid of! Let’s talk about some of the common fears that participants may have regarding attending a weekend retreat. 

  • The thought of the retreat fills me with great sadness and guilt. 

The healing journey is not an easy one. Opening old wounds is a necessary part of the process in order to heal properly. But there will be joy in the morning! God does not want you to live in sadness and guilt. He has restoration and reconciliation for you. Even though the retreat may start with opening old wounds and bringing the sadness and guilt you feel to light, we know that you will leave with joy and a renewed spirit. 

  • Facing having to share openly with strangers and being judged. 

This is completely understandable and a valid feeling. Being vulnerable around others can be so difficult. Remember, though, you’re going to share the common ground of a past abortion with every single person at the retreat. This shared common ground creates an unspoken bond that challenges fear. It can be refreshing to hear you are not alone in the things you’ve suffered with. Being able to relate to one another is a great benefit.

You can also trust that our leaders only want what is best for you and that is your healing through Christ our Lord. We would never have anyone on our team that would compromise your healing journey or make you feel judged. 

  • The truth of my abortion might compromise my name or family’s name.

This can be a fear for those who may have family in ministry or active in the Pro-Life movement. The participant may already be afraid of facing public judgment, but the guilt of having family members blamed or smeared can be overwhelming and prevent healing. It is important to know that when Jesus died on the cross, he covered the sin of abortion.  

  • I won’t be healed, and I’ll feel out of place and criticized. 

Doubts of actually receiving healing are normal. Our flesh can believe that we don’t deserve God’s grace and mercy for our past abortion. Sometimes, we view our past abortions as an unforgiveable sin from which we cannot be healed. We can be afraid that our story or our reasoning will be judged and criticized or that others will believe we are too far gone to receive healing. Those are all lies from the enemy. He does not want you healed. Take those thoughts captive because you can be healed, you can be whole, and you can be free.

  • I would be wasting the time of someone who needed it more than me. 

No one person deserves healing more than another. This is just another tactic that the enemy uses to prolong your wounded heart. One healed heart can be the process for another healed heart and so on and so forth. That is how we make abortion unthinkable. To have healed women sharing their testimonies and letting other women know the potential lifelong trauma that can follow an abortion decision. 

  • My kids may find out before I’m ready. 

Your story is yours to tell. Just because you attend a retreat does not mean you have to publicly acknowledge that you are attending an abortion recovery retreat. Only you know and can decide the right time to tell your children. Our retreats are held with strict confidentiality rules, so it will always be up to your discretion of what you share and when.

We totally understand these fears. We may have even experienced them ourselves at one time. We also know, however, that the benefits of an abortion recovery retreat are abundant. As uncomfortable as it might feel right now, you might just be glad you took this step to change your life and attend an abortion recovery retreat.