Common Symptoms of Post-Abortion Stress Pt. 1

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March 29, 2023

Whether it was 4 months or 40 years ago – if you’ve had an abortion, you probably know that you feel different. You sense that you’re struggling. You feel like you’ve lost parts of who you used to be.

It might be difficult, however, might be hard to discern exactly what is happening to you or pinpoint what these feelings are or what they mean.

It is so important in your journey toward healing that you fully understand Post Abortion Syndrome and everything that it can mean for you and your life.

Any event that causes trauma can lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and abortion is not an exception. Post Abortion Stress Syndrome simply refers to negative psychological effects after an abortion.

What does this look like?

These are some of the most common symptoms:

  • Guilt

The feeling that you made a mistake and you don’t know how to fix it, so you’re going to beat yourself up for the rest of your life trying to pay for the mistake.

  • Shame

The feeling that you are a mistake and your whole life is a mistake, so you’re going to go into this “closet” and not let anyone see who you really are.

  • Depression

Feeling the need to withdraw from people or activities that used to bring you happiness. You may or may not be on antidepressants.

  • Anxiety

Constantly living in a state of worry, fear, or panic – even if nothing bad is currently happening. You might always feel like the other shoe is going to drop at any moment. Or, you might develop new phobias that you did not experience before your abortion.

  • Suicidal Thoughts/Ideation

You might have attempted suicide in the past, or you might think often about killing yourself. You may not have a plan, but the thought it never far from your mind.

  • Re-experiencing

You may have nightmares about it, play out everything that happened at the abortion clinic in your mind, or experience flashes of what you saw in the bathroom during a medication abortion.   

  • Alcohol or Substance Abuse

The use of alcohol or other substances, like drugs, to numb your conscience and try to erase painful memories.

  • Anniversary Syndrome:

When the emotional and psychological symptoms that you experience become stronger on the anniversary of your abortion or your due date.

You might have heard that post abortion syndrome is not recognized as an actual syndrome by the mainstream medical community. This might make you feel unseen, alone, or unvalidated. What you need to know is that post abortion syndrome is recognized by so many post-abortive women.

We see you. We are you.

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