What You Might Not Know About Abortion Pain

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January 9, 2024

As a post-abortive person, you know firsthand the pain of abortion wounds and the symptoms of post-abortion trauma.

Are you aware, though, that heightened abortion pain often coincides with your abortion anniversary date?

Be Aware of Abortion Anniversary Pain

If you experience cyclical sadness, depression, and anxiety around your abortion anniversary date, you’re not alone.

Many days of the year, you might be able bury your painful feelings surrounding a past abortion with busyness which can make abortion wounds feel less intense. But abortion anniversaries often make those painful feelings unavoidable and more intense.

Amy Martin, Abortion Recovery Manager with (UN)covered JXN, says, “Since I had been told that abortion is an easy fix to big problem and abortion isn’t a big deal, I never gave thought to the dates and times my depression worsened in the years following. It wasn’t until I found healing after going through an abortion recovery Bible study offered at CPC Metro that I saw the reality of abortion anniversary pain.”

Know That There Is Hope and Healing

At (UN)covered JXN, we know that may post-abortive women and men deal with worsened unspoken grief around their abortion anniversary. Maybe you’ve experienced years of difficult abortion anniversaries with no idea that you can reach out for help or that you have the right to seek healing.

Amy Martin says, “I didn’t know that I could reach out for help, and I didn’t think I had the right to ask for help. It was my choice after all.”

Know that there is hope and healing. Attending an abortion recovery support group, like the ones offered by (UN)covered JXN, can provide a safe place to talk and grieve as you listen to stories similar to your own and realize that you are not alone.

In Luke 4:18, Jesus explains that He came to earth to bind up the broken hearted and set the captives free.

If you have had an abortion and realize that your broken heart and silent grief worsens around your abortion anniversary date, please don’t suffer by yourself. You can find freedom that Jesus promises. (UN)covered JXN can help you on your journey.