Why it’s Important to Seek Healing

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June 29, 2023

Living with a past abortion and unhealed heart makes it so difficult to break through the uncertainty, skepticism, and hopelessness you might be feeling. To move past these feelings, it’s important to work through the shame that is weighing you down, understand how your past abortion might be affecting your present relationships, and how your coping mechanisms might be affecting your life.

  • Shame

Shame can be one of the major symptoms of PAS. Shame attacks your identity and makes you question everything about yourself.  When shame comes into play, the enemy believes he has free reign and will begin to attack every aspect of your life. You can hear his voice coming through your soul into your thoughts which will determine your feelings. It can be tempting to really validate and entertain his lies. When your spirit, soul and body are misaligned and you are ruled by your mind and emotions instead of your spirit, you can become unhealthy with your body as well. This makes you more susceptible to fleshly impulses of seeking comfort and distraction from shame, guilt, and pain.

  • Relationships

Relationships also suffer from the effects of an unhealed abortion wound. Whether it is a relationship with your child(ren), spouse, family members, or friendships each one can be at the mercy of your hurt. When you operate out of a place from hurt, pain, anger, guilt, and shame these emotions are transferred, or projected, into relationships with those we love most. We’ve all heard the saying, “hurt people, hurt people.” This is especially true when it comes to an abortion wounded heart. You cannot effectively nurture and take care of relationships with others when your heart isn’t whole.

  • Coping mechanisms

Shame and broken relationships can lead you to becoming so familiar and comfortable with your ways of coping that you passively accept them as a part of who you are, and change feels too hard to hope for, or to go after. We tend to take our garbage and stuff it under a rug. We will even clean up around the rug and make it look nice and neat so no one will notice what’s underneath. We think if I don’t mention this it will eventually go away. This mindset only causes more pain in the long run. When you live with an abortion wounded heart certain things happen:

  • We rationalize a way of escape
  • We live in denial of the truth
  • We carry around shame
  • We expect retribution
  • Our mother mantle is damaged
  • We are unable to receive forgiveness, peace, or joy.

At (UN)covered JXN, we want you to know that there is hope and healing.

When you receive healing, you learn new ways to respond to the guilt of your abortion. You will no longer dwell on the painful memories and try to sweep them under the rug. Freedom comes along with healing. The bondage that you lived in will no longer hold you captive. You will receive a new spirit and relationships will be reconciled.

Reach out, today, to start your journey.