Coerced Abortion

Often, when speaking about past abortion, we talk a lot about “the choice” that was made. Some women, however, never felt like they had a choice at all. At (UN)covered, we want you to know that coerced abortion is very real, the effects can be severe, and there is hope and healing for you, too. […]

Moving from Coping to Healing After an Abortion

Before an abortion, it’s often easy to think that it will fix the “problem” and you won’t have to think about it anymore. Many women are surprised with the grief that they cope with after an abortion. This can be even more difficult because many women who choose abortion may not feel like they have […]

What You Might Not Know About Abortion Pain

As a post-abortive person, you know firsthand the pain of abortion wounds and the symptoms of post-abortion trauma. Are you aware, though, that heightened abortion pain often coincides with your abortion anniversary date? Be Aware of Abortion Anniversary Pain If you experience cyclical sadness, depression, and anxiety around your abortion anniversary date, you’re not alone. […]

Hope For Abortion Wounded Hearts

Do you have abortion(s) in your past? (UN)covered JXN is an abortion recovery ministry, and we know firsthand what abortion wounds feel like. We want you to feel seen and understood. Most of all, we want to help you embrace the hope of God’s promises for you. There is healing uniquely set aside for you. […]